Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully, I welcome any questions relating to these conditions. By accessing the web page, you agree to adhere to these terms strictly and are happy to proceed.

The person or persons wishing to return any items has 14 days to notify us and will need to get in touch before sending anything back as they are responsible for the returns postage and procedure. Items cannot be refunded or returned after the 14 day period of the original receipt. Any returned item must be in its original condition and must be fully packaged as intended clearly labelled correctly with the return address. Feel free to message me directly on all social media platforms or via email for any help relating to this.

Under no circumstances can or should an individual or entity redistribute, re-brand or reprint any item purchased from Easton. The artwork is the property of the artist unless a contract of agreement states otherwise.

Anybody wishing to make a complaint regarding the poor conditions of an arrived package or print, must get in touch via email or social media and provide photo evidence of damage or distress within the 14 day period of receiving the order. This will then be taken further and resent out once we are satisfied of no foul play.